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During my 40+ years as a drummer, I have spent over half of that time playing professionally and teaching. I started teaching after completing a full time course at London's Drumtech music college and went on to set up and establish my own drum school based in Tunbridge Wells, kent, UK called Tunbridge Wells Music School.

During the 20 years of running my school, I taught thousands of students and wrote a full drum teaching syllabus called Backbone Drums which is now used by many teachers and drum schools around the UK and beyond. 

Drum lessons Hastings, Rye and Broadoak

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Main achievements

Teaching is a way of life

Having taught so many students over such a long time, I have achieved a lot that I am extremely proud of. I take my role as a teacher extremely seriously and always strive to get the best out of every student. Working together and understanding what each individual wants to achieve and how they learn is essential. Music is a hobby for most people so I do not get upset with anyone that doesn't practice but instead find new ways to motivate and inspire students to progress. 

Here are some of my proudest achievements

Drum student after 11 years of lessons
TW Music School Drum Room
Backbone Drums Syllabus Books and Backing Tracks
Dave in Service Dress during Remembrance

Student success and development

Seeing my students develop as drummers and as individuals always makes me feel humble and proud. Almost all students I have ever taught have continued lessons with me for many years with some of them 'sticking it out' for over 10 years! 

Photo: Henry showing off one of his folders of weekly lesson plans after 11 years of lessons with me.

Tunbridge Wells Music School

From starting a small drum school back in 2003 called one8e studio, I worked hard to build things until it became a full music school offering drum, guitar, bass, piano and vocal lessons. I sold the school to one of the teachers in 2022 and it is still going from strength to strength under the slightly changed name of Tunbridge Wells School of Music.  

Photo: The state of the art drum room at TW Music School was one of the best in the country

Backbone Drums

When taking my first steps into becoming a drum teacher, I was not happy with the material available so I started to write my own syllabus. This became a series of books with drumless backing tracks which is used today by many teachers and drum schools. I continue to develop this and use it for all drum lessons. 

Photo: My Backbone Drums series of books that are widely used for drum lessons in the UK and beyond

Army Cadet Force

Since 2014 I have been an Army Cadet instructor and learnt military instructional techniques that have massively changed the way I teach for the better. I am currently a Captain and am working with Kent ACF to introduce a Corps of Drums into the County

Photo: Me in service dress at a Remembrance Day event in Cranbrook, Kent

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